Energy Efficiency & LEED

ACCS understands that efficient operation of a facility requires a balancing act between minimizing energy usage and maintaining tight control to ensure occupant comfort.

With AutomatedLogic®, ACCS has a developed an impressive track record of providing facility operators with a building automation system that utilizes the latest innovations in energy management control technologies, indoor air quality sequences and energy demand control. With facility operating costs skyrocketing, facility managers are seeking immediate relief – as well as solutions that will help them contain costs over the life of the facility. Building Automation (BAS) and Energy Management Systems are one important solution.

AutomatedLogic® remains at the forefront of innovation in the BAS industry and was recently award the bronze medal for product of the by Consulting / Specifying Engineer Magazine for their "Environmental Index" product. The Environmental Index gives facility managers a simple method for determining both the energy efficiency and occupant comfort level within a building with one look at a color-coded dial. Instead of manually analyzing data from multiple sources to determine if buildings are operating efficiently, facility managers can instead use the EI, which automatically gathers data on heating and cooling set-points, relative humidity, and contaminants like C02, and displays them as a percentage on an analog gauge, using red segments to indicate poor environments and gradually changing to green as conditions improve. This allows facility managers to quickly identify operational problems and take corrective action to achieve sustainable performance.

The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) estimates that buildings account for 70 percent of our country's electricity use, 39 percent of carbon dioxide emissions, 40 percent of raw materials use and 12 percent of potable water consumption. There is a great opportunity for green building to reduce waste and save money.

The USGBC's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building rating system has become the definition of green building in the United States. LEED provides a guideline for the design and construction of green buildings. Studies have shown that on average, green buildings are 25-30% more energy efficient. A building will be awarded LEED certification depending upon how many LEED points are awarded.

A BAS system can be an instrumental part of obtaining LEED certification for your building. The BAS system can provide the means for significant energy savings using advanced optimization strategies, outdoor air monitoring and demand based ventilation control, lighting controls, water usage controls and advanced system commissioning procedures. ACCS retains on staff LEED accredited professionals (AP) to assist you in the design, installation and on-going operation of your BAS system. AutomatedLogic® WebCTRL’s rich feature list and flexible programming make it ideal for use on LEED projects.

To get more information on energy efficieny and LEED Certification, please visit the USGBC website by clicking here.