ACCS has installed within and serviced a wide variety of business types in and around the greater Southern California marketplace.

Office Buildings

A large portion of our work has been providing sophisticated DDC control systems for today's modern office facility. ACCS has in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by building owners and property managers as they try to balance the conflicting needs of energy efficiency and occupant comfort. ACCS excels at meeting all of the unique controls needs of office buildings including tenant after-hour override and billing systems, automatic smoke control systems, lighting control integration and demand based ventilation systems to name just a few.

Educational Facilities

We have developed special expertise in applying DDC to some of the Southland’s highest visibility facilities. Major motion picture studios, recording studios, Public Utility, Health Care and aerospace/defense industry sites are benefitting from our "turn-key" approach to control challenges.

Hospitality & Hotel

Downtime for any HVAC system in an occupied building is always a worry but in the hospitality/ hotel industry down time is totally unacceptable.

ACCS has a flawless track record of successful cutover of existing controls to new DDC systems.

Medical Facilities

Medical buildings and hospitals require much more than just temperature control and ACCS has extensive experience in meeting the unique control needs of the healthcare industry including isolation room controls, lab pressurization/ Fume hood controls, OSHPOD requirements and humidification / de-humidification controls.

Public Buildings

ACCS has successfully provided controls for numerous public / government buildings including libraries, city halls, city corporate yards, police departments, department of motor vehicles and government office buildings.

Industrial Facilities

Over the years we have met the building automation and energy management needs of numerous industrial facilities including the aircraft industry, motion picture industry, electronics and pharmaceutical companies among others. Many of these facilities have required unique customized control applications, for example: controlling air pressure in a very large aircraft paint booth. ACCS has always risen to the challenge of proving creative, cost-effective control solutions for unique control challenges.

Data Centers

We have been successful in serving the diverse needs of the Automotive, Entertainment, Government, Internet and High-tech Manufacturing industries. Our experience in integrating the multiple systems and protocols found in Corporate Data Centers is a source of particular pride.